Brand new! 3-year-old and 5-year-old whiskey "King Edward᾿s"!

The whiskey was produced at Proshyan Brandy Factory, one of the oldest alcohol plants in Armenia.

Whiskey "King Edward᾿s" is a blended whiskey (10% malt distillate and 90% grain distillate). It’s aged at least 3 and 5 years in oak barrels from Karabakh oak are used in blending. The "King Edward᾿s" aged whiskey barrels are strongly roasted to improve the flavor and aroma of the whiskey and to form a characteristic whiskey color. 

The raw material to produce grain distillate is mainly barley and wheat with a small addition of barley malt. 

3-year-old whiskey "King Edward᾿s" has a pleasant whiskey flavour with fruity notes, soft and harmonious flavour with maturing tones typical for whiskey. 

5-year-old whiskey "King Edward᾿s" is distinguished by the notes of dried fruits in the flavor, light tartness, soft and rich flavor.

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