Holding "MINSK KRISTALL GROUP" celebrates its first anniversary!

In 2020, MINSK KRISTALL GROUP, a holding company producing alcoholic products, is celebrating its first anniversary. Five years ago, the holding united the largest manufacturers of alcoholic beverages with more than a century of history. Today holding "MINSK KRISTALL GROUP" is an absolute leader in the market of the Republic of Belarus. For 5 years of holding work the enterprises went through a serious way of development, strengthened the material and technical base, raised efficiency of management system, increased export potential. Let us focus on certain points and events. 

Improvement of manufacturing 

The measures taken to modernize production and improve technology have allowed the holding's organizations to expand the range of produced varieties of alcohol through the production of Alpha, Alpha-Platinum and Belalpha alcohols. Additional filtration systems have been introduced, including the use of flax and rock crystal. 

MINSK KRISTALL, JSC has introduced an automated system of stamp accounting and control of external design of products exported to the Russian Federation. The line is designed for item-by-item marking of alcoholic beverages in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Productivity - 10 thousand bottles per hour. The system completely excludes human factor in the control of production. Availability of stamp registration allows to control the whole way of product movement. 

Quality management 

Our management systems are based on the requirements of international and national standards: STB ISO 9001, STB ISO 14001, STB 18001, STB 1470, STB ISO 22000, FSSC 22000. 

MINSK KRISTALL is the first holder of the international certificate of registration FSSC 22000 in the alcohol industry among the producers of the Republic of Belarus and 11th in the world. Certification of food safety system for compliance with the requirements of the international certification scheme FSSC 22000 is fully recognized and approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), which allows today JSC "MINSK KRISTALL" to cooperate with major network companies around the world. 

In 2018, JSC "MINSK KRISTALL" received a certificate for the right to label its products with the green mark "Natural Product". This was preceded by a serious and lengthy certification of alcoholic beverages. The commission included representatives of Gosstandart, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Belgospischeprom Concern and National Academy of Sciences. The "Natural Product" mark is an additional guarantee of ecological compatibility and high quality of our drinks.  


In 2019 the Grodno distillery received a kosher certificate. The kosher certificate is an indicator of eco-friendliness and a guarantee of high quality products, which is recognized by hundreds of millions of consumers around the world. 


One of the most important goals of the holding is to increase export supplies of Belarusian alcoholic beverages. And here, we can be proud of the results achieved. 

The map of export supplies has been significantly expanded: South Korea, Venezuela, the Netherlands, Iran, Australia. Here is not a complete list of countries to which our products have been supplied. 

"MINSK KRISTALL GROUP" is actively developing its own distribution network abroad: "Belpischeprom" LLC (Riga) representing the holding's products in the European Union, and "MKR" LLC, established in 2016, is a dynamically developing company in the Russian Federation. 

In 2020, the holding's organizations exported to 27 countries in the total amount of more than 17 million US dollars. 


The holding companies actively participate and win in national and international competitions such as "The best goods of the Republic of Belarus", "People's brand", "Brand of the year", "Product of the year", "Best alcohol", "Best vodka", "Moscow international competition of alcohol", "United Vodka", "Eurasia Spirits Drinks" and others. 

From 2015 to 2020 the enterprises of the holding "MINSK KRISTALL GROUP" have won more than 300 different awards, mostly of the highest category. 

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We thank our partners and hope for further cooperation.

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