JSC “MINSK KRISTALL” has been included in the register of reliable partners!

In the Republic of Belarus, when selecting partners from among Belarusian business entities, companies, both domestic and foreign, in order to receive more detailed information about the counterparty, apply to the BelCCI. This organization can provide information about the reliability of a particular business entity, the status of its registration and the type of business activity, as well as about the existence in Belarus of a database of reliable business entities.  

International practice shows that such databases - the Registers of reliable partners - are managed by the chambers of commerce and industry of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the European Union, but up to now no such registers have been created in Belarus and the search for information about an entity was limited to the analysis of information from various sources, including state-owned and non-state registers.  

Information from the Register of Reliable partners will simplify the task of selecting a partner for foreign companies that are planning to do business with the Belarusian counterparty, and for domestic business entities that are doing business including export activities. Inclusion in the Register of Reliable partners will be an additional competitive advantage.  

Since January 2020 the BelCCI has started keeping a non-state register of economic entities in the Republic of Belarus - the Register of Reliable Partners. On June 30, JSC “MINSK KRISTALL” - “MINSK KRISTALL GROUP” holding management company, has been included into the Register. This fact is confirmed by a certificate.


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