MINSK KRISTALL was awarded gold medals at the «EURASIA SPIRITS DRINKS» competition

EURASIA SPIRITS DRINKS is an independent professional competition. It is held on the basis of the All-Russian Research Institute of Food Biotechnology (VNIIPBT, Moscow) with the participation of the best tasters from Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. In the main nominations of the competition, the organoleptic characteristics of the products are taken into account. In the special nominations “ECO Style”, “NEW Technology” and “NEW Style”, environmental friendliness, maximum safety and innovativeness of products are additionally used as evaluation criteria. 

According to the results of the expert assessment JSC MINSK KRISTALL got the following awards: 

Nominations "BEST VODKA - 2021. Standard (mid-price) segment": 


Nomination "BEST VODKA - 2021. Economy segment": "Stolgradnaya" - Gold medal 

Nomination "BEST INTERNATIONAL ALCOHOL - 2021": Alcohol "Organic" - Gold medal 

Nomination "ECO Style": Alcohol grade "Organic" - Gold medal

награды в конкурсе 2.jpg

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