Vodka “Minsk” has come to USA

18.05.2011 Vodka “Minsk” has come to USA

Vodka “Minsk” is a special export version made by special request of the American company Belaruspirits L.L.C. 120 West Lake rd. Trambull CT 06611. Vodka “Minsk” is made from pure artesian water from the well of 290m deep and undergoes in processing 6 degrees of purification. During the tasting events in the U.S. this vodka was appreciated. The brand "Minsk" will be associated with the high quality of Belarus products and thanks to their high quality and original design it will be able to compete successfully with famous producers of alcoholic beverages in the U.S. market on equal terms. Now we have a dealer of original Belorussian vodka “Minskaya Kristall” in the USA. It is Global trade Agency as the North American representative for the lines Minskaya and Belaya vodkas. Call toll free (1-855-482-1177) or visit minskayavodka.com & birchvodkas.com

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