Premium vodka "Radzivil"

02.09.2013 Premium vodka "Radzivil" Since it’s inception, alcohol brand “Minsk Kristall”, established in 1893, has positioned it’s beverages as works of art. And it’s not surprising, as only natural and ecologically pure ingredients of 100% quality form the structure of the beverages, which not every manufacturer can allow to have in own production. Mostly due to its ingredients, which are used in the production of premium class vodkas,  and also thanks to gold and silver filtration the new vodka Radzivil, by Minsk Kristall, possesses unsurprised purity, soft taste, and characteristic vodka aroma. The beverage consists of high quality ethyl rectified spirits “Kryshtal Super Lux”,  softened drinking water  processed with flint, sugar and fructose. As in jewellery art - filligry taste is created due to additional spirits purification by ions of silver and gold. As the result we have such fabulous and pure vodka in the Middle Ages style.
Astonishing bottle design is also represents the work of art. Precious mountain mineral of extraordinary beauty appears before our eyes. Decorated with the eclectic ornament the bottle itself is a masterpiece of gorgeous classical form. The design of the bottle is created by the latest  silver “hot-stamping” technologies  and serigraphy.
Nobility multiplied by skillful mastery, is the distinctive feature of “Radzivil” vodka, in which a genuine expert without any force is able to feel the depth and saturation of the taste. And not any man, just once tried the taste of “Radzivil” will be able to resist the temptation to possess the beverage in his collection, to have a possibility occasionally reincarnate in to a real knight, brave and noble , with the inner forth peculiar only to hereditary prince.

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