RUE “Minsk Kristall” is pleased to announce that the newly released product line “Brs.Rakovschik”

17.07.2013 RUE “Minsk Kristall” is pleased to announce that  the newly released product line “Brs.Rakovschik” Vodka «Lyakhovsky» continues noble traditions of products with a classical compounding, supplementing them with the most advanced technologies of production. Natural ingredients plus the use of the high-quality ethyl rectified Super Luxury alcohol and the softened water which has passed processing by flint make unique relish and unsurpassed aroma.
Vodka «Nalibokskaya» is a classical vodka of «Brs. Rakovschik» trademark made on compounding with century history using exclusively natural raw materials. The excellent rectified Luxury alcohol and the purest, specially prepared water emphasize softness of its taste. The unusual, decorated bottle completes composition, framing distinguished lines of drink with unique Belarusian taste of the beginning of the XIX century.
Vodka «Birch with mint» is a new saturated and fresh variation of special vodka under «Brs. Rakovschik» trademark. Drink possesses pleasant aroma and unique aftertaste thanks to a harmonious combination of natural fragrant alcohol of peppermint to addition of birch sap and high-quality Luxury alcohol. Completeness of the taste of «Birch with mint» vodka allows to mix the drink with a large amount of ingredients for preparation of various cocktails, and also to enjoy it in a straight form.
Keeping and increasing ancient traditions of production RUP «Minsk Kristall» has added to «Brs. Rakovschik» line the special «Cranberry» vodka prepared on the basis of high-quality rectified Luxury alcohol and natural fragrant alcohol of cranberry juice. The ideal basis for creation of various cocktails is made by rich scale of flavoring shades of «Cranberry» vodka.

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