The game of kings with "Kristall"

11.10.2013 The game of kings with "Kristall"
Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is called “the game of kings”. Why golf? Nobility and style presented in this game made it a certain kind of lifestyle for people across the planet. Throughout the world golf is no longer just a sport; it is a part of personal image. The membership in a golf club is a matter of honor. The golf course is a field for big deals; among golfers there are a lot of famous people and world-known stars like David Beckham, Michael Douglas and others. The essence of the game remained the same for centuries – rolling the ball into the hole, thus making the fewest number of strokes. But the alternation of relaxation and concentration presents in the whole game, allowing saving power until the last hole, at the same time enjoying what surrounds you: picturesque hills or small ponds, a very tall pine trees or moors. All this makes to remember the best punches and believe in you again! Belarus is not the exception. However, this outdoor game has just started gaining the affection of Belarusians. October 5, 2013 the III Belarus Golf Open Cup took place in the Greenwich Village, nearby Minsk. As a part of commercially successful business environment, "Minsk Kristal" could not miss this event and became a partner of the III Golf Open Cup 2013. Becoming a partner of the event, we have contributed to the high level of organization of the competition, not only to comply with European trends, but also to dictate the fashion for such events in Belarus. Immaculate green fields, combining style and classic park "lynx" (the presence of both woodlands and open glades) opened a great view of the field. Everyone could enjoy the taste of crystal pure water "Crystal", extracted from artesian well located 290 meters deep. Eventually, with the support of "Minsk Kristal", this tournament has become one of the most important and vibrant sporting events in Belarus at the beginning of October. Participants said that they would be happy to continue sharing their experience at the golf tournaments further and feel the spirit of competition with "Minsk Kristal".

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