NEW! Strong alcoholic drink of 70% Alc.

For the first time JSC "MINSK KRISTALL" has produced alcoholic drink of 70 % Alc. by Vol. "70" is a unique strong product that has no analogues among Belarusian manufacturers.  

Плакат А3 en-01.jpg

The strong alcoholic drink "70" is made of high-quality grain alcohol "Lux", spring water, with addition of mint and lemon aroma. The drink has the purest burning taste, combined with bright and fresh notes in the flavor, as well as the original aftertaste - both warm and refreshing because of mint notes. But you have to be careful and remember - the drink is 70 % Alc.! 

Recommended to use the drink in proportion of 1:1 with fruit juices, morses, tonic, soda or as part of interesting alcoholic cocktails. It can also be used as the main ingredient for the preparation of disinfectant (antiseptic) by yourself which is extremely important for the effective prevention of various infections, in accordance with the recommendations of WHO.

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